Friday, March 26, 2010

Time already for another little GIVEAWAY!

I found little Ms. Kitty one day on my regular antique hunts quite sometime ago.  I had seen these cute little Cody Foster & Co. boxes that I just thought were so cute and was inspired.  I "dressed" her up with a tiny little party hat and a bow with some flowers.  I made the base to display her on the other day.   I am going to give this little sweetie away to one of my blog readers!  She's a little sassy party cat!  This piece is about 4 1/2 inches tall and would look really cute tucked in a little niche somewhere special.  All you have to do in order to enter, is to comment on this post.  That's it!  I won't require you to blog about it or do anything else!:)

Thanks everybody for being such great friends!

PS) I'm doing the drawing on Sunday so I can mail her out on Monday! (3/29)


  1. Kitty is just precious! I love the mercury beads used as a handle- so very sweet -another one of your creations that make me smile!

    bee blessed

  2. well you know she would go to a good home if she came to live with me...i have many little friends for her to play with...i must show you some time :)


  3. This is so kitschy - and marvelous! :-D

  4. What a pretty little party kitty!! :) She looks ready for some fun!

  5. You should try to make a kitty in your style ;)

  6. Paaarte !!! Sign me up ! LOL - she's cute - I had a kitty couple as my wedding cake topper !She had a little tiny veil and bouquet.

  7. very pretty.
    I stumbled on your blog a while ago and I have to say your creations are absolutely beautiful
    keep making bunnies and mice :)