Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Design To Share With You

Today has been a pretty productive day!  I got some things finished and thought I'd share with you all my new little mouse design.  In case you haven't figured it out already, I LOVE RIBBON!!!  I buy ribbon all the time whenever I go to any craft or fabric store.  So I have a good stash.  Many times I buy it and it just languishes around getting all snarled and tangled up.  But today I actually sorted and organized it all.  I bought the "vine" ribbon last year.  A whole spool of it.  I had to have the moment I spotted it at a little boutique.  I think I knew then what I wanted to try to use it for but it did sit around for months until I got around to it.:)  I had created a long time ago two little bunnies on a wood base.  A girl bunny sat on a swing and a boy bunny stood behind pushing her.  It was really cute.  I wanted to try to recreate it but, lol, there just wasn't enough room on this base for both.  And I made her a mouse...because, the bunny ears were too tall, lol.:)  The swing actually rocks if you give her a gentle push.


  1. I don't know how it's possible for your little critters to get even cuter but this one has! Unbearably sweet!

  2. great idea and use of ribbon. isnt it funny how when you are out and about each little thing grabs your eye for your craft. i bought some christmas decorations as they would make good props for my makes.
    love this one she is so sweet.

  3. Oh- she is so cute!!! I love your vine ribbon- I have seen this in dark green and brown, but not in this pretty spring green color! It looks beautiful on this creation!

  4. Cute! Love the vintage mushrooms. I always check out the ribbon when I go to the craft store too. You can never have enough. :)

  5. Absolutely adorable!!! You never cease to amaze me... Very clever and super - SUPER cute!

    Brilliant Ms. ...