Sunday, October 18, 2009

We just got back from the haunted house

I finally took a much needed break from creating and went with the family to visit a haunted house in a small town about an hour from us. We had so much fun! It cost us $6 each in admission but I think it was well spent. The girls screamed hysterically and I think even Brett was spooked a few times, lol. Ian opted to stay home. He hates clowns and the last time we went it gave him nightmares for several weeks. Though, it just didn't feel the same without him. Poor kid! Brett's sister Jennifer and her boyfriend Greg came. I laughed so hard when at the end a man with a fake chainsaw started chasing poor Jennifer almost all the way to the parking lot! We all got back pretty late and I'm going to surf the net and go to bed. Back to the ole' grindstone tomorrow! ;)

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  1. Hi, I just popped up to say that I have given you the "One Lovely Blog Award". So please stop by and collect it. Congrats!