Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today was a bust!

Okay, I'm sure this has all happened to everyone one time or another. I have been looking forward for weeks to attend a heavily advertised antique show this weekend. After getting up at 7 am on my day off and driving over an hour I was sorely disappointed and let down!:( It was by far one of the lamest antique shows I have attended in a long time. I was charged six dollars admission on top of that. After perusing the vendors (which took a total of ten minutes) I met up with my teenage daughter who is wanting to decorate her room in steam punk. She had found some cool looking wood floats with netting. No greeting/acknowledgment from the sellers. (a surly looking couple if I do say so myself) We took our item to them to purchase, still no word. We pay and no bag to put them in was offered. As we are leaving my daughter cheerfully said thank you which was ignored. I was tempted to ask for our money back and tell them where to stick those floats! But they were for Marina and so I bit my tongue. Overall, I was so bummed out....sigh!:(
I did get a few tiny do dads to use later for my little lovelies. Some vintage Christmas corsages, some tiny mercury glass stems in hot pink, and some cute little pastel celluloid thimbles to protect our thumbs while needle felting.
On the upside, we did have a lovely time walking downtown Walla Walla visiting the little shops and had some delicious pizza at Sweet Basil. It was so good! In fact, I wish I had some it right now.

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