Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its getting cooler here

The weather has certainly changed the past two weeks and I'm going to miss summer. It went by way to fast! Our little family certainly did a lot. Two of my kids got to spend the summer in Japan with my family (the lucky ducks). Here, we spent a lot of time camping and enjoying the Pacific Northwest's majestic beauty. I'm already looking forward to next summer.

While surfing the net yesterday I came across this beautiful picture. I just love the colors! It got me thinking of winter and the upcoming holidays and what I need to get done. At work, I'm super busy turning the store into Christmas. A total of 16 trees need to be up and decorated and much rearranging to be done. It's a huge undertaking. Especially since I'm the only merchandiser.

I'm contemplating doing a small craft show here. It's super cheap to get into but I'm wondering if I'm biting off too much to chew. I work full time job and have a family. The show is not until November 21st so that would give me a little over a month to prepare. I'm just not sure how many pieces I should make and if my price points are too high for this type of holiday craft show. I'll definitely need to figure if I'm going to do it or not soon!

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