Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everybody has had a good week and an even better weekend ahead. I still need to go get some candy to hand out for Halloween tomorrow night for a few hours before we leave for the night. Most of our evening will be spent at Brett's parents house. The kids informed me that they are too old to go trick or treating now! They don't even want to go. :( So we will just go for the annual chili party at the Boe and Janice's. It's our family tradition to go get a bowl of steaming hot chili after running around the chilly neighborhood trick or treating. Desert of course, is to pilfer the kids goodies!

Yesterday I got a wonderful email to tell me one of my little cuties was featured in a treasury on Etsy. Hurray! I haven't been featured in a long time. Here's a link!

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