Monday, January 30, 2012

My latest find!

I was so thrilled when I recently won this on ebay last month! It is a very rare Disney's Alice In Wonderland Make-Up Kit made by Hassenfeld Brothers in 1951. (Hassenfeld Bros. would later be known as Hasbro today). This piece is in wonderful condition. The perfume has evaporated long ago but the little bar of soap and talcum powder are still untouched!

I can't imagine a little girl being able to resist playing with all of the wonderful little goodies in this set. It's kind of amazing that this set has remained intact in this condition for all these years! I really love antique vintage Disneyana and will have to share all of my other latest acquistions with you!

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  1. Hey! It's been a while, i've been away from my blog so long!

    I wanted to say two things. First of all, I love love these! I would have had absolutely no restraint when I was little, I couldn't have kept it in such good condition! It's so lovely!

    Second of all, I was tagged with some questions and had to then tag 7 others. So there are 10 questions on my blog, the idea is to copy and paste them (and answer them!) on yours :) don't feel like you have to participate - it's just for fun :)

    I hope you are well!