Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lil' Miss Pretty Kitty!

I just finished this little kitten in a pink dress today.  I had picked up the cute vintage doll dress at an antique shop a few months ago.  It was sitting all forlorn amongst a pile of other doll clothes odd and ends.  I had started off making a bunny actually, but while waiting for the ears to dry decided to go with a kitten instead.:)  When I was younger we lived on a farm with dozens of farm cats.  One of the cats my sister and I named, Little Miss Friend Cat.  (I don't know why exactly)  But that is what came back to me as I made this one.  My sister and I loved all the cats and kittens and wanted to bring them all inside but my parents wouldn't allow it!  We only had one or two house cats, the rest had to tough it outside.  I have fond memories of my sister and I finding the newest litter of baby kittens in the straw barn and we would sit in there for hours just playing with them.  LOL, the momma cats hated it though, as they would then go hide them elsewhere after we left!

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