Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look what I just did.:)

I know I've been pretty quiet in blogger land these past few months.  It's just since moving here things have been a bit stressful and chaotic.  After moving here and unpacking in February, we moved yet again in May.  I had always worked out of my garage in Washington and had also set up my craft room in the garage here in Arizona in the first house in February.  Well, was I in for a huge surprise as summer kicked in after we moved again in May.  It is unbearably hot here and way too hot to work in my garage.  Also there was only one electrical outlet in there so I couldn't even run a fan.  The good news is, over the weekend, I turned our front sitting room into my craft room.  Ahhh.... air conditioning!  The front room was wasted space and nobody ever used it.  The bad thing is that it is the first room visitors will see when they enter my home...which will be more incentive for me to try to keep it somewhat clean and organized.  Which I admit is a daily struggle.  I just get so into creating that I won't stop to take the time to clean up my desk.  It starts off clean and over time I will just have one tiny little area to work at, lol!  The rest will become cluttered with supplies and materials!:)  Here is a picture of what it looks like now.
Now that the majority of it is set up, I am so motivated and excited to get started again.:)


  1. Oh gosh I hope you don't have to move again! How stressful that must be. Your set up now looks great, best wishes.

  2. What a nice craft room! So neat and organized and spacious! Love it!

  3. Oh boy is this new space going to help stimulate all those creative juices of yours! I love the faux fireplace!

    bee blessed

  4. OH MY girl I didn't realize you moved so much this year! UGH! I've only moved twice in the last 17 months LOL Looks great, air conditioning is a blessing! I know we moved from Texas 17 months ago HaHa. Now get to creating sweetie I can hardly wait to see what you do next! Congratulations!

    luvs and glitter

  5. i would love to walk into that room as a entrance!!!how flippin gorgeous.

  6. Hi, so cute. I am glad you got out of the garage. I told you it would be better in the house. Now you can get to creating without sweating. Love the big white table in the middle.


  7. This is awesome! What a beautiful place to create AND welcome guests! Love it!