Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vintage Inspiration

As all of you probably well know, I make all my little animals by fashioning them out of a simple yarn pom poms.  I wanted to share with you some vintage little pom pom animals that were made by a german toy company, Steiff back in the 50's and 60's.  I find these tiny little guys to be so adorable!
(And here I thought I was so original with my little squirrels!  LOL! :P)

Some of these vintage little cuties go for big bucks now days at auctions and on ebay.  I have some vintage Steiff but would love to add more to my collection!


  1. Oh- I didn't know that!! lol :) Steiff has some great things! I love Dachshunds and I so want one of their Waldi ones! :)

  2. These are wonderful! I collect Steiff but have never seen these before. You could design pom-pom critters for Steiff!

  3. well if i am honest your work is just as good as this if not better. you are very talented and i agree you should be contacting them with your idas and designs :)

  4. Well there is something new I learned today ! I did not know they made pom poms either. ...and yes yours are cuter !

  5. OMG! I just saw that you are one of my new followers!!! Welcome! I saw your ABSOLUTELYADORABLE stuff at my bud's Jen @ j nichelle and I have to tell you (but you already must know) how wonderfully talented you are! ALL of my pixies love your lil munchin bits of fluffiness, and I need to have a few myself! So have a great day new friend, and have some big
    Sparkly hugs,
    Tobi and the pixies!!