Friday, March 5, 2010

More Studio Fun!

Well, the weather has totally inspired me and has me excited about Spring/Easter!  This is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons.  One, I really love pastel colors!  Two, I love bunnies!  And I love the change from the dreary drab into the pretty colors of Spring.  Today I went to Target and I enjoy strolling up and down the ailes looking at all the spring goodies.  I do this pretty much where ever I go actually!  I love Pottery Barns things this season too!  I have enough things to fill several houses so I don't buy much anymore.  (Unless, of course,  there is something super cute that I simply can't pass up!:)  Today I just bought some apple green paper grass to put in the kids baskets.  Then I thought I should make up an Easter basket shown with one of my little cuties tucked into it!  I should have bought some  pretty candy.... Hmmmm..I may have to go back later....:)   Here are some pics thus far!  I made a little lop eared bunny.  It looks kind of funny but it's still cute!

And here's another.  I named her Penelope.  :)


  1. You could never buy anything cuter than you create... ;) Love the bunny!

    -- Birgit

  2. cant wait till you are famous!! you deserve to have your name in lights. you r little creatures are more than cute!

  3. I LOVE this bunny!!!! Oh how precious! I actually put the princess one I bought from you in my Easter basket!!

  4. Oh my they are just adorable ! Have you seen the latest Pottery Barn Catalog ??? The cover is sooooo pretty !