Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I finished two super cute cuties this week so far!  It's been a long while since I made a kitten and I had so much fun making one again for the shop.  I took several pictures of her "dressed" up with accessories I had on hand.  This little kitty reminds me so much of a stuffed toy cat I recieved from my Aunts in Japan when I was little.  I loved that stuffed toy and I had it for many years.  It also reminds me of Duchess from the Disney Movie, "Aristocats". :)

Here she is with her little crown and rose... (yes, for some reason these little cuties make me revert to an eight year old again, LOL!  But I am having so much fun.  When I was taking pictures I was in Marina's room and I kept laughing at myself as I took them.  Marina looked at me like I was crazy.:)

I have this other idea thats been bouncing around in my head for a while.  I made a little white rabbit holding a tiny antique bottle with "drink me" in reference to "Alice In Wonderland".  But, the rabbit didn't turn out very cute and I scrapped the idea.  Here is a pic of the kitty with it.:)  I still like the idea so I think I will try to make it again soon!

The other cutie I finished is a little mouse sitting on a mushroom reading.  I think this one is the cutest I've made so far! 

A little story behind this design is that a few years ago, my daughter Sierra wanted my help in creating a book fair poster for school.  And so "a little mouse sitting on a mushroom reading a book" was born.:)  On the poster we had a little flower that was a "reading lamp".  It was very cute!


  1. i have always loved the saying 'hump day' what a great excuse to celebrate :) your creations are beyond amazing. i just love to look at them and wonder at how you even begin to create something so great.
    anyhow. off to celebrate hump day
    %*_*% rosey

  2. That mouse *would* make the greatest book fair poster!!! I love the origins of that idea as much as the outcome!

    And definitely don't give up on the Alice in Wonderland rabbit, I know you can make one that is absolutely adorable!!!

  3. The kitten is super-cute, uber-adorable and so is the mouse!
    Please do try again with the Wonderland Rabbit, I'm sure the next one would be just precious!

  4. O.M. Goodness! You have some of the most adorable, sweetest, little cutie-paptooties I have EVER seen! Truly precious! I love your art and your blog! I hope you have a great week. : )

  5. Absolutely cuter than cute! Adorable...

  6. That little mouse is simply precious!