Monday, January 11, 2010

Here is my annual Maypole Bunny Dance

Here is the Maypole Bunny Dance piece I finished this weekend.  I got a lot done.  (LOL, my car has been in the shop over the weekend so I was stuck home happily crafting away!)  My daughter Sierra helped paint the pole.  She was bored and I talked her into helping me paint some little accessories for upcoming projects.


  1. Oh wow, the dancing bunnies are so adorable!

    And OMG I just saw the skunk a few posts down... HOW CUTE!

    Yeah, your stuff makes me go 'EEEK CUTE!' all of the time :)

  2. OHHHH Myko!!!!! This years maypole dance is SOOO CUTE!!!!! I love that your daughter helped too, it just makes it even more! I still adore mine so much. I love that it has five bunnies like I have five bunnies :) You make the cutest things ever!

    THANK YOU for the apothecary jar idea!! Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!!!! I think I will use it! I am having a small shower at my house but I think I will set up a candy bar!