Monday, November 2, 2009

My Talented Daughter

I got a late start tonight out in my studio but I love the end result. I created two little cuties to complete the above vignette for the upcoming holiday season. I purchased this vintage pink truck just to create this photo. I fell in love with the color of it and had to have it once I imagined what I could do with using it as a prop. Marina my oldest is so talented and artistic and she helped create a new banner for my Etsy shop and for my blog after I took the pictures. The one thing I've realized, It's really hard picking out a perfect font! The one on my etsy shop isn't done either as we are going to find a different font for that one but it was getting late and she needed to get to bed as she has school tomorrow! Speaking of which so do I! Yawn! Goodnight all! :)


  1. I love the new photo and the little pink truck is adorable. Great ideas!

  2. Awe...I love love LOVE your banner! You staged it so beautifully and that little pink truck was well worth the purchase.

    The little animals you make are too cute, you are so talented. (and so is your daughter for helping you make such an awesome banner ;)

    everything vintage

  3. Hi Myko:
    What perfection!!! Your creations tug at heart strings!!! The banner is super. The pink truck is awesome : )
    You are SUPER!!!