Monday, November 16, 2009

Had a really productive weekend!

Whew! I got a lot done this weekend. I wish I had more time as I have so much more ideas I want to create. On Saturday I hit a few of the local antique shops and found some little Christmas goodies to work with. On Saturday and Sunday I ended up running over to the craft stores for more supplies. I was annoyed with the Sunday trip as I went there on Saturday but of course my 40% off coupon wasn't valid until Sunday!

My youngest, Ian, set it up so I can watch dvds on an old tv in the garage so that was nice! What was even better was that the kids came out and watched the movies out in the garage with me while I crafted. We watched UP! It was really made me cry right off the bat. A total of 6 movies were watched! LOL! If you get a chance you should go take a look at the cuties I created. I just finished this one tonight.

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