Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to my day job tomorrow...:(

I know you are all probably tired of hearing me write about how much I dread Mondays! But, lol, too bad 'cause you are going to hear it some more! hee hee!

I am so happy that I was able to work on some more cuteness today! I only finished one. The Bunny Princess. Cheesy? Too corny? I was on the fence on this one I'll admit. But once I started I had to finish it. It's cute. But not really my style in my opinion. The customers will tell me if this is a keeper or not! I had just got some wire lametta from One of my favorite online stores. I love it. It is so sparkly and pretty and I want more! I started making little tiaras with it and that is how my creativity took a little turn to "princess" mode I think!

Tonight, I'm working on some yummy felted goodies. I love how soft needle felting looks and am excited how things are shaping up. Well, I should get back to the garage before I run out of time. :)

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  1. Hi sweetie
    yes I did think it was a departure from your usual style so glad to read you feel similar. I live the tiaras I just thought the dress lost some of the appeal,as you couldn't see any of the wool body-and that seems to be your trademark. I think a customer would choose it for a bridesmaid gift or prom. My cuties haven't arrived as yet- they are taking quite awhile but there have been postal strikes in our country for a few weeks and that creates a back log so maybe they are caught in that,esp in London where it will come through customs before heading north to me. So Im still hoping that it gets here ok,luv kat